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Sister Wendy
Full name Wendy
Race Human
Age 21
Birthday March 10
Height 5'2
Weight attractive
Hair auburn
Eyes brown
Skin tan
Class Mystic (thinks she's a Cleric)
Alignment Chaotic Neutral

Wendy used to travel the world praising and worshipping in the name of "Belenar-Sol". For a donation to "Belenar-Sol", you can receive his "blessings" which have destroyed many vows of chastity. Wendy while travelling and "blessing" the world, encountered Tesser whom offered her a job as a consultant. Wendy works alongside Tesser spreading the "blessings" of "Belenar-Sol", she even has her own line of playing cards. 10% of all proceeds go to the Temple of "Belenar-Sol".





Out of Game Information

Sister Wendy is a character made by Kirby.