Zakrose Ruhr

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Zakrose Ruhr
Full name Zakrose Ruhr
Race Kale
Age 26
Birthday Oct 14
Height 5'8
Weight slender
Hair black
Eyes brown
Skin brown
Class Bard/Druid/Ninja
Prestige Fochlucan Lyrist
Alignment True Neutral

Zakrose is a socially amiable Kale. He prides himself on being a thorn in the side to many powerful evil entities.


Zakrose appears as a slender Kale with shoulder length black hair. He dresses in blue silk, and wears a long blue jacket. He keeps himself adorned with cheap jewelry.


Zakrose is very outgoing, and unlike most Kale, has a tendency to associate with people outside of his clan. He has a love for fashion and wine. Zakrose has a tendency to indulge himself whenever possible, though he also hates injustice and generally tries to be charitable whenever possible, especially if it involves the goods of others. His sense of loyalty is intense, and he has put himself in harms way countless times to protect his friends, including his close companion Bahkaj.