Zug Zorug

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Zug Zorug
Full name Zug Zorug
Race Orc
Age 11
Birthday Dec 7
Height 5'11
Weight enormously built
Hair black
Eye red; one missing
Skin green
Class Barbarian/Paragon
Prestige Frenzied Berserker/Eye of GorkaMork
Alignment Chaotic Neutral

Zug Zorug is a paragon of orcishness. Willing to remove his own eye in exchange for power, Zug is one of the most large and powerful orcs alive today. Though he has assisted orcs in the assault of human cities, he has also lent his services out to humans. He currently acts as a bodyguard for the orcale priest Sasha Mihailovich.



Zug appears as a rather large and disturbing orc. He often wears the body parts of his enemies as clothing, and keeps a strange magical device attached to his helmet at all times. He is missing his left eye. He is also frequently caked in mud.


Zug's personality is that of a savage. He displays no concern for the fact that he is covered in mud or that he wears the body parts of his enemies. Zug is actually in a constant state of rage, and the only thing that keeps him tempered is music, which he has a strong affinity for. The magic device he wears keeps a constant stream of music playing in his head so that he doesn't attack everything in sight. Zug also has a bad habit of falling asleep at the tables of inns and is frequently tossed out of them (and into a mud puddle.) The only thing he ever says is "Zug."


Zug had gone on many adventures, fighting alongside orcs against humans and sometimes fighting alongside humans against other monsters. Zug met up with Jack Carrington, Sophie Reinard, and Sasha Mihailovich. The four of them went on against the villianous hobgoblin Dragovik who struck a deal with Shamus McDoogle in exchange for weapons to use against Palis. Somewhere along the way, Zug got bored and pulled out his own eye. Their mission got them as far as Genova when Zug went in a frenzy fighting some of Dragovik's men. In the midst of the battle, he began frenzying against the town guard, and was subsequently killed as an enemy as well.

Zug was later resurrected by Sasha and in turn was hired to be a permanent bodyguard for the oracle. Zug happily accepted the job, and this too has taken him on many adventures. Sasha and Zug later went on a quest to the Abyss to rescue the soul of Ukami Kazemaru from the clutches of a powerful demon lord. It was here that Zug managed to manifest himself as a pinnacle of strength, something which has gained him great favor with GorkaMork.

Out of Game Information

Zug is a character belonging to Neil, likely named after the sound many of the orcs make in Warcraft: "Zug." This character would later be parodied - (see Guz Gunny) though the parody character would become ironically a far more serious character than the original.